CTS have recently become the First Mitsubishi Integrator to supply and support SCARA robots in the south west of England. 2002



 CTS Engineering's Track record of Machines is shown in our old PDF prior to re-organisation and relocation to Plymouth. 2002 




Our standard Product Flyer is now available in Acrobat.

cts flyer. PDF

New Developments in Invertor control wins tax benefits?

Energy Saving Catalogue (A500 based). PDF


Available from CTS are the latest Mitsubishi control options. For use with any type of standard industrial control gear the heart of the operation the Q series modular PLC 


cts Q Series. PDF



With the latest operator interface screens, functionality and condition monitoring is made easy. The E range of HMIs.

E-series presentation


  Additions to the Range of Special Purpose machines is our latest parts washer.

cts washplant.pdf


Introducing our new mini filter cost effective solution with a simple E50 and mimic display

mini filter. PDF



The latest packaging machines have put CTS into the CD and DVD  packaging markets

DVD packer. PDF



Cad modelling software helps Integration of welder


CTS are still pioneering in the Mitsubishi field utilising the new E1101 PC screens and FX3U controllers. Applications include Network Rails first PLC driven carriage cleaning pump plant with the new inverter ADP control module.



The new super conducting control pack using touch screen technology with installed Ethernet and modem link.  This has the ability to produce 200v DC at  200A to any forming or inductive control system

cts power. PDF



We are proud to announce our ISO 9001/2000 achievement and have been awarded our certificate in March 2005

certificate. PDF


The latest range of control panels, in our supply to the China coal industry include touch screen capability with modem link in transparent mode for remote assistance. With use of a simple java applet visual control or monitoring using any pc with internet browsing. 2004



Recent developments have led CTS in the woodworking industry and we now support control and software to one of the UK,s biggest exporter of wood working Machines. Recent visits include Indonesia and Brazil support 2003-2004.






A simple bag folding machine proves easy and cost effective in a high volume environment.

This has lead CTS onto a fully automated Trim and Fold Machine Development and build

CTS are now moving forward with a complete bespoke production line to load, cut , trim, weld, and Test the components which will double the customers output from the UK to overseas. Progressing summer 2006.


New control options for our latest Bearing grinder control cabinet, using the latest Mitsubishi servo controllers with an e910 hmi, CNC grinding has never been easier.



VNC and remote support can be offered via broadband at a substantial saving on call charges with a simple modem or hub complete with installation under 100GBP

It is a useful accessory in today's high demand service and support sector.

  Our Latest Pressure test rig for welded plastic liners can detect down to o.o1 Bar and also check for flow acceptance to eradicate false readings

The latest bearing pressure test rig using servo control.



The latest separator control cabinet with door mounted vibration controllers and inverter controlled motors for export to Egypt's hot climate proves no problem for the E500 range



Fish hatchery control panel and alarm calling system for endsleigh hotel. A simple FX plc with flow monitoring and dial up connections to protect the hatching eggs from water starvation. 2008


Network rail oil handling control system up and running in Exeter and Penzance Stations. CTS built and supplied the stainless enclosures complete with the control systems for Network Rail 2005-2008


China Coal industry orders more control systems from CTS Engineering Ltd. More to follow, on this on going project. Latest Ethernet modems used to remotely control and support. 2006-2007..

  Spanish clay work contacts CTS for its superconducting control system for 2008. MX4 Scada to control three large systems. VPN router used to communicate to both the HMI and PLC over Broadband.

Site support for Dupey Ireland 2010, helps them finalise a new project








Two filtration cabinets shown above built by CTS. Siemens plc and HMI.



More Test rigs and production lines to test Medical liners for CTS Engineering's existing Customers. 2009 Three full production lines help local company to  boost sales.

Machine installation in Ireland 2010.



BMS systems for government buildings in Cornwall  




Three Axis window taping control system designed and programmed for Bideford supplier. Double glazing will be more consistent and reliable 2009.

Hepco/Bosh or Item Framework made to order.



Busy year making Eddy current separator controls for CTS 2009-2010.



Mitsubishi Heavy Industries coal sampling system control for 2010. Installation in 2011, Indonesia.



Machine support across Europe 2012



Form Four Control panels for large quarry works 2012


Quarry Slurry panels made to order.




Control systems support throughout the uk.



Full installation and testing.

More expansion into wider markets as CTS opens a premises in the midlands in 2011, Stoke-On-Trent

Our Uk National company through affiliations